222 Elizabeth St, Hobart

Opening hours:

Wed-Thurs from 4pm till late

Fri-Sun from 12 noon till late

Closed on public holidays

Bar phone: (03) 6289 5639

Brewery Phone: 0409 556 785


Bookings available for groups of 6 or more.

Snacks & Shares

Mushroom Arancini [V] $13

Crispy balls of cheesy, mushroomy goodness

Chicken Liver Parfait $13

With toasts & house pickles

Spiced Veg balls [GF, VGN] $13

With pineapple pickle, coconut & lime

Fried Squid $14

With togarashi spice & yuzu mayo

Smoked Lamb Croquettes $14

With chimichurri

Fried Chicken

Butter Chicken Drumstick $5

With ranch sauce

Popcorn Chicken $12

With ranch sauce or aioli

Southern Style Wings $15

With ranch sauce

Buffalo Wings $16

With ranch sauce & pickled celery

Hot & Sour Wings $16

With yuzu mayo & pickled cabbage

Half Chook $18

With hot sauce mayo & pickles


Fried Tofu [V] $15

With hot & sour sauce

Smoked Brisket $16

With jalapeno mayo & pink onion

Togarashi Chicken $16

With Japanese BBQ sauce

Veg Burgers

All burgers come with chips

Vego [V] $17

Spiced veg patty, fried haloumi, lettuce, tomato & herb mayo

Hot & Sour Tofu [V] $17

Fried tofu, lettuce, pickled cabbage, soft herbs & chilli jam

Beef Burgers

All burgers come with chips

Cheeseburger $16

Beef patty, mustard, cheese, pickles & onion

The Usual $17

Same as the cheeseburger + lettuce & tomato

Shamburger $18

Beef patty, cheese, house bacon slab, porter onions & special sauce

Sloppy Joe $18

Smoked brisket, cheese, onion rings & jalapeno mayo

Macdaddy $19

Two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce… you know the drill

Stepdaddy $17

Same as the Macdaddy but smaller

Double Cheeseburger with bacon $21

Pretty self-explanatory really

Chicken Burgers

All burgers come with chips

Fried chook $16

Southern style, lettuce, tomato, cheese & hot sauce mayo

Chicken BLT $18

As above but with bacon!

Chicken Dickie $17

Fried chicken, lettuce, pink onions & jalapeno mayo

Buffalo Bill $17

Fried chicken, buffalo lotion, lettuce, pickle & ranch sauce

Walker Texas Free-Ranger $18

Fried chicken, house bacon, lettuce, cheese, pickle & chipotle BBQ sauce


Pint Of Chips [GF, VGN] $6

Onion Rings [V] $7

Roast Cauliflower [GF, VGN] $8

Crispy Smashed Pinkeyes [GF, VGN] $8

Cheeseburger Fries [GF, V] $10

Buffalo Fries [GF, V] $10