Bookings available for groups of 6 or more.


Available all day until 9pm

Chips with Golden Ale Aioli   reg $4   lge $5.5

Hot chips and cold beer, what more do you need? Well, except for this other stuff below…

Spiced Roasted Peanuts $4

Spicy, salty nuts. Goes great with beer. Then again, so does everything else.

A Little Nibble

Grilled Chorizo, Pickles & Bread $8

Does what it says on the box.

Char-Grilled Vegetables $8

With chilli, parmesan & lemon. Makes a great side-dish. Doesn’t make a great hat.


Fried Chicken $12

Fried chicken = awesome. Burgers = awesome. Fried chicken + Burgers = awesome2. Fact*.

Pulled Pork $12

Life isn’t complete without the odd pulled meat. Bam! Beer, food AND poetry.

Pumpkin & Haloumi $12

Because fried squeaky cheese.
*Our head brewer used to be a maths teacher, so we double-checked with him and he said it’s totally correct.

A Bigger Nibble

Maple-Glazed pork ribs $12

Slow-cooked ribs with a sticky maple glaze.

Portuguese Chicken Wings $12

With lemon & lime. The chickens aren’t actually from Portugal though.

Salt’n’pepper chicken $12

It’s the George Clooney of chicken.

Rump Steak Sandwich $16

With double cheese, American mustard, tomato sauce and pickles. And steak, obviously.