Bookings available for groups of 6 or more.

Snacks & Sides

Cayenne Roasted Peanuts [GF, VGN] $5

Dev’s Fried Lentils [GF, VGN] $5

Maple + Smoked Paprika Popcorn [GF, VGN] $6

Hop-Infused Olives [GF, VGN] $8

Fries [GF, VGN] $8

Polenta Chips [GF, VGN] $11

Shambles Mac ‘N’ Cheese [V] $11

Three Cheese & Artichoke Arancini [V] $13


Popcorn Chicken $14

With ranch sauce or aioli

Tempura Vegetables [VGN] $16

With Gochujang mayo

Southern Style Wings $16

With ranch sauce

Buffalo Wings $16

With ranch sauce & pickled celery

Korean Fried Squid $17

With Ssamjang Sauce, Sesame & Cos Lettuce

Street Food

Empanadas [V,GF] $14

Filled with melted cheese + jalepeƱos

Chorizo & Black Bean Tacos [GF] $6ea or 3 for $15

Smoked Pork Arepas + Fried Kipflers [GF] $17

Colombian cornbread stuffed with pork, salsa and cheese

Cheeseburger Fries [GF, V] $10

Korean Chicken Loaded Fries [GF] $14

Beef Burgers

All burgers come with chips

Cheeseburger $19

Beef patty, mustard, cheese, pickles & onion

Shamburger $20

Beef patty, cheese, bacon, porter onions & special sauce

The Eric Bana $20

Beef burger, green tomato relish, haloumi, red onion + Green Goddess dressing

Chicken Burgers

All burgers come with chips

Fried chook $19

Southern style, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles & aioli

Buffalo Bill $19

Fried chicken, buffalo lotion, lettuce, pickle & ranch sauce

The Dennis Rodman $20

Korean Fried Chicken with kimchi & gochujang mayo

Walker Texas Free-Ranger $20

Fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, cheese, pickle & chipotle BBQ sauce

Veg Burgers

All burgers come with chips

The Greenhouse [V] $19

Chickpea patty, fried haloumi, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion & herb mayo

Dirty Vegan [VGN] $19

BBQ sweet potato, Dirty Copper onion rings, vegan cheese, lettuce & chipotle mayo